Top 4 expert career tips for recent grads

First of all, congratulations to all of you! Your college journey has ended, and it is now time to step into reality, right? Some of you may picture that finding a job would be as easy as peeling a banana, while some of you might think that it would be difficult to get your dream job. Don’t you worry, we have gathered some valuable tips for you! Now, finding a job will be easy if you follow these “4 expert career advice”

Internship or Volunteering

Sometimes, you might not be able to find a job right away after your graduation. One way to spend your time wisely while you’re waiting for your dream is to volunteer or do an internship. Volunteering or doing an internship will not just provide you with a real working experience and the opportunity for you to learn, but it would help you to build and expand your professional network. More importantly, it is another way that would lead to a permanent job!

Highlight your skills

Presenting your skills is of utmost importance when applying for a job. Recruiter is, of course, looking for someone who has the competency that would be valuable to their companies. Sometimes, highlighting all skills in your resume is insufficient as it is just a one or two-page paper. It is recommended to submit other documents that would present your skills. For example, it is wise that recent grads should start creating their portfolio to show a proven track record of their work. In this way, the recruiter would have an overall idea of what you have done in the past and your work performance.

Be flexible and be open

One of the best career tips for recent grads is to be open and be flexible. The trends and the market changes over time. Therefore, newly graduates should be open to other positions. Being open and flexible would not just open more doors and more opportunities, but it would help you gain new experiences and skills. Your first job might not always be your dream job. but it always opens more opportunities which eventually will lead to your dream job. Hence, be open and be flexible with any opportunities that land in front of you and do your best because you will never know when again you would receive such a chance.

Never stop to learn

Though you might no longer be a student, it does not mean that you should stop learning. There are several free online courses and seminars where you can attend and learn about some trending topics and gain more skills. Classes at university might not be able to cover all the area subjects, then it is wise to attend some other classes online to gain some specific skills like coding or video editing. One way to become the expert within your career path is to indeed gain more skills, experience, and gain extensive knowledge about it. Therefore, you should never stop learning if you want to become an expert within your career field.

Final thought

Getting a first and permanent job might not be as easy as you think because it depends on several factors. But please do follow these tips as they may lead you to more opportunities in the future and lead you to your dream job. There are, of course, some more tips that you can follow to leverage your skills, portfolio and help you hunt for your dream jobs. If you are looking for some more advice, contact us for our career advice service! Do you have some other tips to share? Let us know!

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