Role of a Professional CV Writing in getting your Desired Job

A CV is undoubtedly the first point of contact with a potential employer, and you need to have all the right elements in your CV to make it stand out, highlighting all your strengths and skills. You’ve probably heard the famous saying, “First impressions are lasting ones.”

When it comes to your CV, consider it as an opportunity to set the perfect first impression as it has the power to either make or break your chances of scoring a face-to-face interview with your employer of choice.

At times, you may feel frustrated; if your CV is rejected from multiple places, and you just can’t find the right job. The problem may not be in you, but your CV and it is highly advisable in such cases to seek an expert’s help for professional CV writing. Platforms like, Inovo Tech enables you to send a professional CV that guarantees to grab a potential employer’s attention.

Traits of a Professional CV

·         Shows Your Impact on an Organisation

It may not be sufficient enough to just mention responsibilities at your previous jobs. You must highlight how you have worked in the company to support its goals and targets. You can also mention how your actions might have impacted a wider team and affected the business in terms of saving costs, generating more revenue and identifying areas of improvement.

·         Sells You Like a Brand

You must have noticed sales representative persuading masses for a product they are selling. Make sure you take inspiration from their motivation to sell and portray your professional image to come out as an ideal candidate the company needs. Using positive adjectives and verbs with an upbeat, positive tone to emphasis your effectiveness as an employee, will make a company believe that you are an asset they can’t let go.

·         Mentions the Right Details

It is essential to understand how you must have the right amount of details in your role description to ensure it’s not boring, and a reader will not lose interest. It is better to add depth to your current job roles and only briefly summarise your previous career history as it dates backwards. A potential employer may not care about your roles as an employee several years ago but gauge your capabilities looking at your current roles and contributions in a former company.

·         Achievements are Measurable

Recruiters understand your importance as an individual better when they can measure your achievements. Hearing your statistics and figures in terms of accomplishments gives more credibility to your claims, for example, instead of simply saying that you implemented a change in a production process state how it increased productivity by 10% or 20%. 

Final Thoughts

Your CV may not solely be the reason behind your hiring but to get your desired job, it is always important to have a professional CV written as it is the stepping stone to get you inside the door. You may feel modesty might help you get in; but the truth is proper formats, usage of right action verbs, terminologies, right figures, and overall presentation are what you really need. You need to be able to establish yourself as a strong-headed individual who knows where his career is headed and why getting you on board will be good for any organisation. 

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