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How can you use the evolving digital marketing strategies for your business

Marketing has evolved through the years and more so in the last year after the covid 19 crisis began. More and more consumers are adapting their lives to online apps and websites and trusting the internet more than traditional methods.

Companies and businesses are using social media tools such as Instagram, Tiktok and snapchat as their prime source of marketing and advertising to reach their target audience and build connections with them influencing their purchasing behaviour. 

Competition is all the more on the rise and every brand has to come up with a new and unique strategy better than its competitor to entice their audience and be the best.

Working from home is the new normal and companies are also finding it to be more productive and time saving for their pockets which is a win win for everyone. People are adapting more and more to online meetings through Skype, zoom and Google meet rather than physical meetings.

Our Daily lives are dominated by electronic gadgets and we are spending more time trying to maintain or differentiate between personal and professional life.

Businesses and brands have to change their campaigns and forget what was working earlier and come up with something more relatable, transparent and authentic.

Social media has changed from time to time but it has never been so sensitive as it is now. Marketing and advertising campaigns need to be real and speak to the audience as you no longer can sell your products under a false pretense.

Marketing was catering to the mass before but now it has to speak to that one person , to that one customer who is your ‘persona’

Marketing has always been the heart of every company, business or brand. But now it has become all the more valuable and needs a focussed approach.It is no longer just about the budget. It is no longer only Facebook and Google. It has to be more personalized and authentic.

Consumers are aware of their choices and they are well read and well researched. Branding and advertising is no longer just a campaign but it is much more about solving a problem.

Companies need to realize the pain points of the consumers and what is that thing which you can solve for them.

You can have amazing marketing campaign for your company if you take care of the following points:

  • Who is your customer?
  • What is the problem your customer is facing?
  • Are there others solving this problem
  • Are they offering best solution to their problem
  • Can you do anything better than others and solve the problem?

Some things which you can use as a brand to build up your digital profile:

  1. Build authority on social media: Projecting the right image and personality of the brand is so important. You need to showcase who you are and what you do through your profile in the form of images, brand colors, tone and style of your message. This will help your audience identify you anywhere.
  2. Provide value: In this vast ocean of information, it is so important to provide value and solve the pain points of people in the most direct and practical way without beating around the bush and giving information and value which will help them in solving their problem.
  3. Build a connection: It is highly important to build a connection with your audience and be open to feedback and their opinions so that you build what is really needed in the society.

Digital marketing has come into the focus now and every company is trying to hire digital marketers to scale their business through the different tools of marketing like SEO, Google analytics and SEM.

But the core of marketing remains the same and that is good content writing. A good content writer can make or break a campaign. Words are powerful and they have never been so powerful as now. Using words carefully and strategically is the essence of advertising. 

It is a whole lot of pressure on the shoulders of advertisers to develop unique sales copy and campaigns. But it is also good that this is a mindset shift , a huge mindset shift in the consumers minds.

Consumers are ordering food online, they are purchasing high ticket items online. Needless to say, Car manufacturers are developing strategy to sell cars online and very soon this will become a reality or so to say “ the new normal” 

It started with social distancing but systems are being developed to make this a permanent change .Schools are being taught online and students are learning through online portals.

This is indeed an opportunity for marketers and brands to understand their audience up close and personal and deliver the right message to them, to develop deeper relationships and not just make just ‘a sale’ but to have a loyal customer for life.

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