Are you looking for the right talent for your business? Is your company facing a high workforce turnover? Maybe you are finding value-added HR solution to elevate your business? Or maybe you are looking for an ideal job for yourself? Well, your search comes to an end now!

InovoTech Consulting is a one-stop solution for businesses looking for a helping hand with Consulting and digital marketing. Our team of professionals can help you give the right impression to your customers by using digital marketing tools.

Vision & Mission


To be the largest platform for connecting a productive workforce with the best employers in the market, making InovoTech Consulting a ‘go-to’ consulting agency for Digital and Human Resource Management solutions.


To become a one-stop solution for HR and Digital Marketing Solutions for business owners and employer of choice for job seekers.


WOrking at InovoTech

How We Take Care of Our Consultants

Market Competitive Salary

Considering the experience and expertise that our highly trained consultants bring on board, we meet their financial demands by offering a competitive market salary. We believe in repaying individuals with good monetary gain for putting consistent efforts in the company’s growth.

Premium Pension and Insurances

Other than the mandatory insurances, which are a part of your social security, we offer you the opportunity to secure your future with premium pension plans and well-compensating insurances.

  • ITP – Occupational pension
  • Sickness Benefit plan
  • TGL( Life Insurance ) –  A tax-free lump sum is paid to survivors if the employee would die before he or she retires.
  • Injury Insurance
  • Trygg-Hälsa – We offer support for depression and mental illness with counselling.
  • Responsible Insurance – We have you covered in case you accidentally delete a entry in database that could become a huge penalty on you
Health Budget
Considering the stressful nature of a consultant’s job, they must have their health checked and balanced. Each employee is granted a health budget that they can utilize in case of a medical emergency. We aim to ensure that our employees can rely on us 100%.
Annual leave

Everyone has a personal life and needs a break from their work at some point in time, our consultants have the right to take 25 days off per year. This allows them take a vacation every year and refresh their minds— a good way to keep our employee’s wellbeing in check.

Technical Budget

Here, at InovoTech Consulting, we provide all our employees with the appropriate equipment needed for their jobs and various roles.  

Why Us

Flexible Working Hours

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Remote Work Allowed

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Skill Development

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