3 simple tips on how to increase productivity while working from home

Since the Covid-19 starts, we are battling with the new normals. Many trends have occurred, causing some drastic changes around the world that we all must adapt to. And yes, working from home or remote working is one of them. Many companies shift from working at the office to remote working so that their employees’ can refrain from the groups, avoid public transportation, and travel. 

Some people may like and prefer to work from home because it gives them the flexibility and opportunity to work closely with their family. In contrast, others miss working at the office due to the working environment. For example, working at the office will give the possibility to have a direct conversation with co-workers, making it easier to accomplish tasks or projects. Whether or not you like remote working, we all now facing common challenges such as distractions. For example, you might be distracted by a TV show or your children which preventing you from focusing on working 100% effectively. 

But don’t worry, there are several ways to deal with these challenges and we are here to help you out! We have gathered these helpful three simple tips that will help increase productivity while working from home!

Taking a break

One way to increase your productivity is to have a relaxing mind and focus on the work-life balance rather than being 100% active for the whole day. Yes, you read it right, and it is not a crime that you just take a break for 15 minutes to take a rest and come back to work with fresh energy. Letting your mind having a break would not allow you to relax and refresh but would also allow you to gain back some fresh energy and concentrate more that would foster you to work more efficiently. For instance, have you ever encounter a situation when you could not think of some new ideas? All you need is a break and some time to think about it, right? Imagine the time when you are in a meeting for one hour long without having a break. It is hard to pay attention to every conversation during the meeting, isn’t it? Therefore, taking a break is an effective method that would help you boost your productivity.

Create a comfortable workspace

We all may not live in the same size apartment, but for sure we all can find a quiet corner that we can use as a working space. It is important and always good to set up a specific area in your home or apartment and convert it into a home office. Try to set up a desk, decorate the area how you like, convert the area into a motivating working scenery, putting all the necessary equipment, and office supplies on the desk. Try to avoid working on a sofa or a bed as it will prevent you from focusing on tasks and decrease your productivity. However, make sure that the spot is far from distraction like noises, or having a door that you could close. 


One way to help eliminate distractions and to help increase productivity is to plan your working schedule. Since working from home will allow you to do other household tasks, then it is essential that you separate your personal tasks and work tasks. For example, you will be able to cook lunch for yourself or other family members and sometimes have to help the neighbors. These activities would, of course, draw your attention from work away and focus on other personal things. Therefore, you must set a time for yourself, such as when to work and rest. Perhaps, you could plan your meal as well as prepare it the night before! Moreover, it would be beneficial if you come up with to-do lists and assign tasks and breaking periods each day so that you have your agenda and goal for each day ready.

Working from home does offer you both good and bad experiences. Also, working from home does not decrease your productivity if you know how to stay focus and not being distracted by the surrounded environment. In order to work effectively at home, simply follow these tips and it will help eliminate all of these attractions that you face. Do you have other valuable tips that you want to share? Please let us know!

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